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Are you are a first time paddler, or interested in brushing up on your technique? If so, a private lesson is the way to go.

During our hour long private or semi-private sessions we will introduce you to the fundamentals of SUP in a fun and safe environment. In the south-east corner of our sheltered harbor, away from moorings, boat traffic simmers and surfers, we will help you build a strong foundation for all your future solo paddling adventures.

By learning basic to intermediate stroke techniques you’ll soon be able to make paddle boarding a total body workout.

On land, we will cover the anatomy of your board, sizing your paddle to fit your body appropriately, getting on and off the board, transitioning to your feet from your knees, proper stance and paddle grip, and switching sides while paddling. We will also teach you how watch the wind and currents, and take in your surroundings for a safe and fun experience at sea.

On the water, we will teach you how to stand properly on the board, reposition the feet for maximizing turns, basic water safety, how to mount and dismount from the water, economy in your paddle stroke, and finally, the four turns: reverse sweep, front sweep, cross bow and pivot.

You do not need to have prior paddling experience for this session. All we ask, is that you are comfortable in the water and are able to swim.Private paddle lessons are the place to start if you want to learn technique and efficiency.

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