SUP YOGA CLASSES (75 minutes)

SUP YOGA CLASSES (75 minutes)


Standup paddle yoga is a unique outdoor adaptation of traditional yoga, intended to connect you to the flow of energy within your body, much like the flow of water beneath you.

All of the teachers at Paddle Nantucket incorporate their classical hatha and vinyasa yoga training into our standup paddle yoga classes, and will present yoga to you in this challenging and contemporary context. Whether you are a beginner yogi, or first time paddler, our teachers will adapt the practice to help you connect to your breath, your surrounds and the always changing environment of the sea.

You do not need to have any yoga or paddling experience for our Beginner SUP Yoga classes. And students who have been practicing for more than a year, will enjoy the additional challenge of our mixed-level Vinyasa SUP Yoga classes.

All of our Standup paddle yoga classes are designed to offer students a physical but also spiritual experience, amplified by the natural beauty of Nantucket’s north shore waters. Each of our SUP yoga teachers bring their own unique style to the practice, and we highly recommend you connect with them all.

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